Interview Advices
Writing a stand-out cover letter

A well-written cover letter can help differentiate your CV from the countless others that pile up an employer's desk. It is an excellent chance to emphasis any key points that do not fit within the format of your CV.
  • Address the relevant contact listed in the advertisement where applicable.
  • Include the job title, reference number and where and when you saw the advertisement.
  • Be concise and relate your skills and experience to the advertised vacancy.
  • State clearly why you are interested in the position and company.
  • Describe what you could bring to the company and your uniqueness.
  • Avoid lengthy repetition of information included in your CV
  • Tailor your cover letter for each position
  • Avoid any negative information of any sort
  • Keep your cover letter between 3-4 paragraphs in length.
  • Do spell check and proof read your cover letter thoroughly before submission.
Writing an effective CV

Your CV is your personal sales tool in the job searching process that reflects your abilities, achievements and experiences, and this could be the deciding factor in securing an interview for your dream job.

Basic Structure

Ideally the length of your CV will be between 2-3 pages long and include the following sections:
  • Personal Details
  • Career Interests (Expected Salary, Availability)
  • Education and Qualifications
  • Employment History
  • Summary of Skills / Strengths
  • Hobbies & Interests
  • Referees
Interview Advices

So now you have landed the interview – What’s next?

Job interviews are probably the most important component of your job search. It’s your ultimate opportunity to sell yourself to the company that you’re the best person for the job. Go through the job interview advices below and be sure that you make the most of the campaign!
  • Find out the location of the interview and confirm the time.
  • First impression last, think about the image you wish to portray. Be sure to dress appropriately; smart, professional and relatively conservative.
  • Obtain information about the interview structure, i.e., who will be interviewing you, for how long, and how many other candidates are there?
  • Check out the company’s website. Understand its products, services and culture. Impress the interviewer with your knowledge about the company and the industry.
  • Get access to the company’s publication, such as the company’s annual report or business publications to gather information about its recent business growth and future growth opportunities.
  • Collect as much information about the company’s competitors as possible.
  • Prepare yourself for common interview questions and think of ways in which your experience show how you have dealt with different scenarios.
  • Be familiar and confident about your CV and prepared to answer questions from it thoroughly.
  • Ensure you understand the job description and think of ways to demonstrate that you are a valuable employee to your potential employer.
  • Conduct practice interviews with friends or family members until you can answer questions quickly and without hesitation.
  • Prepare questions to ask the employer.
  • Keep your composure. It is important to remain as relaxed as possible.
  • First impression count. Greet your interviewer standing, with your firmest handshake, comfortable eye contact and a cheerful smile. Presentable body language is vital.
  • Wait for your interviewer to ask you to sit down before taking your seat.
  • Sit up straight in your chair.
  • Catch the interest of the interviewer with a clear, positive and relatively bright tone.
  • Be enthusiastic about your career and what you have achieved, but avoid unnecessary detail.
  • Think before you speak. Don't rush your answers or speak to fill in silence.
  • Avoid one word answers.
  • Positive last impression. Close the interview with a handshake and a genuine thank you.
Follow Up
  • Always send a thank-you letter after an interview. Restate your continued interest in the post and hope that you will be called back for a further discussion.
  • Write down a short summary of the interview while it is still fresh in your mind. Take a note of the questions in which you feel you went well, plus any areas you found difficult to answer. This will help you to prepare for a possible second interview, or any future interviews of other roles.
  • If your application is unsuccessful, do not be afraid to call and ask for feedback. They are invaluable comments and advices for your future applications.
Administration Min Max
Administrative Manager (8 yrs +) HK$25,000 HK$35,000
Administrative Officer (3-4 yrs) HK$13,000 HK$23,000
Administrative Assistant (0-2 yrs) HK$8,000 HK$13,000
Creative Min Max
Creative Director (6-8 yrs) HK$27,000 HK$40,000
Creative Head (5 yrs) HK$20,000 HK$27,000
Senior Copywriter (3 yrs) HK$13,000 HK$20,000
Copywriter (0-2 yrs) HK$8,000 HK$12,000
Group Account Director (10 yrs) HK$30,000 HK$40,000
Account Director (7 yrs) HK$25,000 HK$32,000
Account Manager (3 yrs) HK$15,000 HK$25,000
Account Executive (0-2 yrs) HK$9,000 HK$13,000
Media Director (10 yrs) HK$40,000 HK$47,000
Assistant Media Director (5-7 yrs) HK$30,000 HK$40,000
Media Manager (5 yrs) HK$20,000 HK$30,000
Media Planner (3 yrs) HK$10,000 HK$17,000
Retail Banking Min Max
District Manager (10 yrs +) HK$35,000 HK$50,000
Branch Manager (8-10 yrs) HK$30,000 HK$40,000
Department Manager (6-8 yrs) HK$25,000 HK$35,000
Assistant Manager (4-6 yrs) HK$20,000 HK$30,000
Supervisor (3-4 yrs) HK$15,000 HK$25,000
Customer Relationship Manager (2-4 yrs) HK$15,000 HK$25,000
Customer Service Officer (2-3 yrs) HK$10,000 HK$20,000
Teller (0-2 yrs) HK$8,000 HK$15,000
Bills Manager (8 yrs +) HK$20,000 HK$30,000
Assistant Bills Manager (5-8 yrs) HK$15,000 HK$25,000
Bills Officer (2-5 yrs) HK$10,000 HK$20,000
Bills Clerk (0-2 yrs) HK$8,000 HK$15,000
Credit / Loan
Credit / Loan Manager (8 yrs +) HK$30,000 HK$35,000
Assistant Credit Manager (6-8 yrs) HK$20,000 HK$30,000
Credit Analyst (3-6 yrs) HK$15,000 HK$28,000
Relationship Manager (2-4 yrs) HK$20,000 HK$35,000
Credit / Loan Officer (0-3 yrs) HK$15,000 HK$25,000
Manager (8 yrs +) HK$25,000 HK$35,000
Assistant Manager (5-8 yrs) HK$15,000 HK$25,000
Officer (2-5 yrs) HK$10,000 HK$18,000
Credit Card
Manager (8 yrs +) HK$20,000 HK$30,000
Assistant Manager (6-8 yrs) HK$15,000 HK$30,000
Supervisor (3-6 yrs) HK$12,000 HK$22,000
Customer Service Executive (0-3 yrs) HK$10,000 HK$18,000
Company Secretary
Company Secretary Min Max
Company Secretary (5 yrs +) HK$30,000 HK$55,000
Assistant Company Secretary (3 yrs) HK$25,000 HK$45,000
Company Secretary Officer (1-2 yrs) HK$11,000 HK$30,000
Construction Min Max
Chief Engineer (12 yrs +) HK$40,000 HK$55,000
Engineering Manager (8 yrs +) HK$28,000 HK$35,000
Site Agent (5 yrs +) HK$25,000 HK$35,000
Civil & Structural Engineer (3 yrs +) HK$12,000 HK$30,000
Building Services Engineer (3 yrs +) HK$12,000 HK$22,000
E&M Engineer (2 yrs +) HK$10,000 HK$18,000
Graphic Designer Min Max
Art Director (10 yrs +) HK$30,000 HK$40,000
Assistant Art Director (8-10 yrs) HK$22,000 HK$30,000
Graphic Design Manager (8 yrs) HK$20,000 HK$28,000
Senior Graphic Designer (4-6 yrs) HK$14,000 HK$25,000
Graphic Designer (2 yrs+) HK$10,000 HK$15,000
Web Designer
Art Director (10 yrs +) HK$30,000 HK$40,000
Assistant Art Director (8-10 yrs) HK$22,000 HK$30,000
Web Design Manager (8 yrs) HK$20,000 HK$28,000
Senior Web Designer (4-6 yrs) HK$16,000 HK$22,000
Web Designer (2 yrs+) HK$12,000 HK$16,000
Fashion Designer
Chief Designer (10 yrs +) HK$30,000 HK$40,000
Fashion Design Manager (8 yrs) HK$25,000 HK$32,000
Senior Fashion Designer (4-6 yrs) HK$18,000 HK$24,000
Fashion Designer (2 yrs+) HK$12,000 HK$16,000
Interior Designer
Design Manager (10 yrs +) HK$28,000 HK$40,000
Senior Interior Designer (4-6 yrs) HK$16,000 HK$24,000
Interior Designer (2 yrs+) HK$12,000 HK$16,000
CAD Designer
CAD Design Manager (10 yrs +) HK$25,000 HK$35,000
Senior CAD Designer (4-6 yrs) HK$16,000 HK$20,000
Senior Fashion Designer (4-6 yrs) HK$18,000 HK$24,000
CAD Designer (2 yrs+) HK$10,000 HK$16,000+
Human Resources
Human Resources Management Min Max
Human Resources Director (15 yrs +) HK$40,000 HK$55,000
Human Resources Manager (10-15 yrs) HK$30,000 HK$40,000
Assistant HR Manager (8 yrs) HK$25,000 HK$35,000
Senior HR Officer (6 yrs) HK$18,000 HK$25,000
HR Officer (3 yrs) HK$13,000 HK$20,000
HR Assistant (1 yrs) HK$10,000 HK$15,000
Training Manager (8 yrs +) HK$30,000 HK$40,000
Training Supervisor (5 yrs) HK$18,000 HK$23,000
Training Officer (2 yrs) HK$13,000 HK$20,000
Department Manager (10 yrs +) HK$30,000 HK$35,000
Assistant Manager (6-8 yrs) HK$22,000 HK$30,000
Senior Officer (6 yrs) HK$18,000 HK$22,000
Officer (2-4 yrs) HK$14,000 HK$20,000
Recruitment Manager (8 yrs +) HK$25,000 HK$35,000
Recruitment Officer (3-5 yrs) HK$15,000 HK$25,000
Application Development Min Max
IT Director (10 yrs) HK$48,000 HK$70,000
IT Manager (8 yrs) HK$35,000 HK$48,000
Assistant IT Manager (6 yrs) HK$28,000 HK$38,000
Solution Architect (10 yrs) HK$40,000 HK$60,000
Senior System Analyst (7 yrs) HK$33,000 HK$45,000
Business Analyst (5 yrs) HK$22,000 HK$33,000
System Analyst (5 yrs) HK$22,000 HK$33,000
Analyst Programmer (3 yrs) HK$15,000 HK$25,000
Programmer (1 yrs) HK$10,000 HK$15,000
Network Manager (10 yrs +) HK$30,000 HK$50,000
Network Consultant (6 yrs) HK$28,000 HK$45,000
Network Engineer (2-4 yrs) HK$12,000 HK$20,000
System Manager (8 yrs +) HK$30,000 HK$45,000
System Consultant (5 yrs) HK$28,000 HK$40,000
System Engineer (3 yrs) HK$18,000 HK$28,000
Technical Support (1yrs) HK$10,000 HK$15,000
Database Specialist / Manager (7 yrs +) HK$35,000 HK$45,000
Database Administrator (1yrs) HK$12,000 HK$30,000
Presales Manager (7 yrs +) HK$30,000 HK$40,000
Presales Consultant (1yrs) HK$15,000 HK$30,000
IT Sales & Marketing
Sales / Marketing Manager (5 yrs +) HK$30,000 HK$40,000
Account Manager (3 yrs) HK$15,000 HK$28,000
Sales Executive (1 yrs) HK$11,000 HK$20,000
Legal Min Max
Qualified Solicitor (8 yrs +) HK$40,000 HK$80,000
Qualified Barrister (8 yrs) HK$40,000 HK$80,000
Legal Executive / Paralegal (3-5 yrs) HK$15,000 HK$35,000
Translator (3 yrs) HK$14,000 HK$30,000
Solicitor Trainee (0-2 yrs) HK$15,000
Legal Assistant (0-1 yr) HK$11,000 HK$22,000
Engineering Min Max
Engineering Director (15 yrs) HK$50,000 HK$70,000
Senior Manager (10 yrs) HK$40,000 HK$50,000
Engineering Manager (7 yrs) HK$30,000 HK$40,000
Senior Engineer (5 yrs) HK$20,000 HK$28,000
Engineer (3 yrs) HK$13,000 HK$20,000
Assistant Engineer (0-1 yrs) HK$10,000 HK$18,000
Quality Assurance Manager (8 yrs +) HK$30,000 HK$45,000
Quality Control (10 yrs) HK$25,000 HK$40,000
Quality Assurance Engineer (3 yrs) HK$14,000 HK$25,000
Production Manager (10 yrs +) HK$30,000 HK$45,000
Senior Production Engineer (6 yrs) HK$18,000 HK$28,000
Production / Process Engineer (3 yrs) HK$14,000 HK$20,000
Production Assistant (1yrs) HK$8,000 HK$14,000
Presales / Prosales
Product Marketing Manager (10 yrs +) HK$32,000 HK$40,000
Field Application Engineering Manager (10yrs +) HK$35,000 HK$42,000
Product Marketing Engineer (2 yrs +) HK$13,000 HK$20,000
Field Application Engineer (2 yrs +) HK$13,000 HK$20,000
Service Engineer (1 yrs +) HK$9,000 HK$18,000
Sales & Marketing
Project Manager (8 yrs +) HK$30,000 HK$40,000
Sales & Marketing Manager ( 8 yrs +) HK$25,000 HK$40,000
Sales Engineer (1 yrs) HK$10,000 HK$18,000
Merchandising Min Max
General Merchandising Manager (15 yrs +) HK$40,000 HK$60,000
Sales / Merchandising Manager (10-15 yrs) HK$30,000 HK$40,000
Assistant Merchandising Manager (8-10 yrs) HK$20,000 HK$32,000
Senior Merchandiser (8 yrs) HK$16,000 HK$25,000
Merchandiser (4-5 yrs) HK$11,000 HK$20,000
Assistant Merchandiser (1 yrs) HK$8,000 HK$12,000
Personal Assistant & Secretary
Secretary Min Max
Personal Assistant (8 yrs +) HK$22,000 HK$33,000
Executive Secretary (8 yrs +) HK$20,000 HK$28,000
Senior Secretary (5 yrs) HK$16,000 HK$22,000
Secretary (3 yrs+) HK$12,000 HK$18,000
Junior Secretary (0-1 yr) HK$8,000
Sales & Marketing
Sales Min Max
Sales Director (15-20 yrs) HK$50,000 HK$100,000
Sales Manager (10-15 yrs) HK$35,000 HK$60,000
Assistant Sales Manager (8-10 yrs) HK$20,000 HK$50,000
Senior Sales Executive (4-8 yrs) HK$15,000 HK$30,000
Sales Executive (1 yrs+) HK$8,000 HK$20,000
Marketing Director (10-20 yrs) HK$50,000 HK$100,000
Senior Marketing Manager (10-15 yrs) HK$40,000 HK$70,000
Marketing Manager (10 yrs+) HK$35,000 HK$60,000
Assistant Marketing Manager (8-10 yrs+) HK$20,000 HK$40,000
Senior Marketing Executive (5 yrs +) HK$15,000 HK$28,000
Marketing Executive (2 yrs +) HK$12,000 HK$20,000
Business Analysis
Manager (10 yrs) HK$30,000 HK$38,000
Assistant Manager (8 yrs) HK$22,000 HK$30,000
Senior Business Analyst (4 yrs) HK$18,000 HK$25,000
Business Analyst (2 yrs) HK$13,000 HK$17,000
Research Director (12 yrs) HK$35,000 HK$55,000
Research Manager (8 yrs) HK$22,000 HK$35,000
Senior Research Executive (5 yrs) HK$15,000 HK$25,000
Research Executive (2 yrs) HK$11,000 HK$17,000
Supply Chain
Logistic Min Max
Logistic Manager (10 yrs +) HK$25,000 HK$40,000
Logistic Supervisor (5-8 yrs) HK$18,000 HK$23,000
Logistic Officer (3-5 yrs) HK$13,000 HK$20,000
Shipping Manager (10 yrs +) HK$20,000 HK$30,000
Assistant Shipping Manager (8 yrs) HK$15,000 HK$25,000
Shipping Officer (4 yrs) HK$12,000 HK$18,000
Shipping Clerk (1 yrs) HK$7,000 HK$15,000
Purchasing Manager (10 yrs +) HK$30,000 HK$40,000
Assistant Purchasing Manager (8 yrs) HK$23,000 HK$32,000
Purchasing Supervisor (6 yrs) HK$16,000 HK$25,000
Purchaser / Buyer (2-4 yrs) HK$12,000 HK$20,000
Purchasing Clerk (1 yrs) HK$8,000 HK$14,000
PMC Manager (10 yrs +) HK$28,000 HK$40,000
Materials Manager (8-10 yrs) HK$25,000 HK$35,000
Assistant Manager (6-8 yrs) HK$20,000 HK$28,000
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