IT is a booming industry around the globe. The rapid development of information technology is a constant force of transformation across all industries, and it is now an essential factor in any company’s competitiveness and operation. To support your organisation’s ventures, our IT-specialised consultants can provide you with the most capable talents in the field – from Technical Support Staff, UX/UI Developers to Data Scientists and more – equipped with all the necessary professional certifications.

Competition for high-end talents in the IT sector is fierce as candidates for these roles are limited. This will not be a problem should you partner with TalentQuest. Our IT consultant team consists of experienced headhunters for this field and is led by a veteran of the IT industry that had over 10 years of top-level management experience in the software development division of a multinational tech-giant. You can be confident that our team will source the most talented candidates possessing the latest skillset to give your company the edge in the market.

Below are some of the sectors TalentQuest covers:

Technical Support Service

Software & Application Development

Infrastructure Engineering

Data Science & Engineering

IT Audit & Security

Product, UX/UI Development & Growth

Project Management & Business Analytics


Business Transformation

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