With the booming Construction market in Hong Kong, it’s essential for companies to make the right hires at the right time to capitalize the opportunities. TalentQuest’s Award-Winning team of consultants are fluent with the technical requirements of each Construction role and could truly speak the same language with hiring managers and industry professionals when we need to discuss and analyse their projects’ needs.

We work with prominent Construction companies of every type throughout Hong Kong, from developers, consultants, contractors to real estate fund houses. Leveraging our global network and our local presence, we can find matching personnel of all levels of technical, managerial and supervisory positions across a broad spectrum of disciplines and offer a comprehensive set of staffing solutions designed to fit the fast paced Construction market and its many growing trends. With our team’s comprehensive hard and soft skill sets and resources, we can guarantee success for both companies and candidates.

TalentQuest specialises in the following areas of the construction industry:

Building service & engineering

Building & construction

Civil & infrastructure

Architecture & interior design

Real estate & facilities management

Connect with us and we can find a tailored-solution for your business to get you the right talents for your needs. Give us a call at 3426 2026, or send us an email at info@talentquest.com.hk .